Wednesday, December 3

Catching up in Squares

It's Advent season---our favorite.  We light the candle(s), read scripture, sing carols, and pray together.  I'm not sure anything else can top that.  This week, we are focusing on hope.  It is most beautiful, and exactly what my soul needs most.

We visited our cousins last weekend, and we hit up Lights of the South.  Ummm, my seven-year-old thought this was the most amazing place EVER.  I wish so often that my heart would leap for joy like that over the most simple of things.
Our tree is truly a kid tree.  A mix-match of handmade ornaments and ornaments that mean something.  All stuffed together in one place.  It really represents every single one of us, and man, does it make me smile to turn it on in the evening!
Bentley turned eleven.  ELEVEN.  He celebrated with Mexican with these two--his very best buddies.  He is such an amazing kiddo.  I cannot even begin to explain his intelligence, his sense of humor, and his incredibly kind heart.
She is my battle.  My fight.  My tears and my most prayers.  I'm not giving up, and I am gaining ground like you wouldn't believe.  See these green pants?  She made them herself.  She's reading.  She's writing.  She's dancing.  She's playing cello.  She's not just going to make it in this world, she's going to take it by storm.
And this is just two weeks ago, while we were waiting for swim to finish.  She really does make life a party when she wants.  I just wanted to capture the joy and remember it forever.

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