Tuesday, March 25

At twelve and a half.

At twelve and a half, you are ALMOST a teenager.  You have opinions and thoughts, and they matter.  You have also entered the portion of the dance world where some of your costumes have two pieces.  I have become okay with that.  You do not wear them anywhere but on stage, so unless I post pictures, most people do not even realize it.  That being said, on Sunday, you danced beautifully, and on Sunday, there were a lot of fabulous pictures taken.  And for the very first time, we are sorting through which pictures are the most appropriate for viewing.  Although none of your dancing is inappropriate, a picture captures only a minute piece of the dance...and sometimes that leaves some of the beauty behind.  So these are a few that mark your skill without being too questionable.  

You are a beautiful dancer, and I love to watch you dance!

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