Sunday, November 10

He's a beast.

A few years ago, our LAZY son decided he loved swimming.  He begged to swim on a year-round team.  We did not immediately go and sign him up.  We waited...and waited...and waited.  His interest did not wane.  He wanted to swim.  We explained being committed (we had an epic fail soccer season with him one year), and he jumped right in to a local year-round team with a homeschool program.  It was the best decision we ever made.

He swims.  And he swims.  And he swims.  He never complains about going to practice; as a matter of fact, he begs to go.  Some days, he is the only kid at practice.  He doesn't care.  Some days, he is one of about fifteen or twenty kids.  He doesn't care.  He just swims.  He counts the meters he swims and keeps a running tally at each practice.  He is learning more and more about how to pace himself for distance and how to swim each stroke technically.  It amazes me to watch him swim.

Today he swam in a meet and did quite well.  My scrawny, no-muscle, lazy kiddo has become a beast of a swimmer.  He has muscles and weight and motivation.  I just love what swimming has done for him!

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