Friday, November 1


We actively participate in trick-or-treating; we always have.  I love being out in the neighborhood with all the other families and children.  It is so much fun to see the costumes, talk to the parents, and for a few hours, forget about all the other things that plague our brains.

For the last two years, some neighbors have fed us a chili dinner, and we have all gone out together afterward.  Bent is the only boy (other than the dads), but he doesn't seem to mind.  We had a good time, but poor Ellie was exhausted.  She has been sick this week, and I am sure it took everything she had to walk the loop in the back of our neighborhood.  She never once complained.  She is awesome.

Bent went as Steve from Minecraft.  He sold some books for the money to buy his box head.  He was so excited! Total out-of-pocket for his costume: $0
 Maggie was a genie.  We made her costume out of some old pajamas from her Mamaw.  I can't help but think that Mamaw Sedlacek would have loved to know we used her clothes, and Mamaw Huff would have been proud of our resourcefulness and mad sewing skills.  I do know this--if they were both still alive and able, they would have visited the kiddos tonight.  I miss this.  Mags borrowed the head piece from a friend, and she bought her jingly wrap at the Greek festival.  Total cost invested in her costume: $10.
 Ellie was a fairy.  She picked out her own costume from the dress up bin.  Old ballet costume, dollar store fairy wings.  Total cost of her costume: $1
 Ava dressed as the Charlie Brown ghost, Emma dressed as supergirl, and Layla was a bumble bee.

 Ellie wore her red shoes.  No, they did not match.  No, I did not have the energy to care.
 I am thankful for these girls and these friendships.  While out tonight, we saw a middle school boy and girl holding hands and trick-or-treating together...without parental supervision.  What??   I am thankful that Maggie has other friends with parents who think like we do and are intentional like we are.  We mess up (a lot, really), but it isn't because we aren't paying attention to what is going on.  The girls had a lot of fun tonight.
This is my favorite picture from tonight.  I love the hop in Ellie's step, the color in the trees, and the kiddos' spacing and order.  I just love it!

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