Monday, October 28

Sometimes life.

Sometimes life is not fair.  Last Monday, a week ago from yesterday, John and I went to a funeral.  A two year old.  The service was unbelievably amazing--sad, but amazing.  I have paid a little bit closer attention to my kiddos this week.  I've played a few more games, sang a few more songs, watched a few more choreographed dances.  I've asked better questions, had more intentional conversations, and shared more of my life with the three little folks who inhabit space with me.

Sometimes life is incredible.  I sat and watched Bentley knock seven seconds off his 100 yard backstroke this afternoon.  He made the state cuts, and he will get to swim his backstroke (and his 50 butterfly!) at the short course state meet in February.  My hands were shaking so hard as I jotted down his official time from the scoreboard.  I cried tears of joy.  He has worked so hard, swam so many laps, and it all came together today in one minute and twenty-seven seconds.

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