Tuesday, September 3


My hands were full, and I was running late to pick Mags up and get her to dance.  Bent was at swim practice, and I rushed Ellie out of the door.  We were loading into the van, and Ellie said, "Mommy, please don't be mad if my room is a mess when we get back."

It was about a second of silence, but a million thoughts ran through my head in that second.  What in the world has she done???

So, I respond, "Okay.  Why?"

"Well, I didn't put Fluffy in her cage.  That could be bad."

Fluffy is a stuffed cat.  A stuffed animal.  Seriously?

"Do you think I can go back in and get her and just take her with us?"

I was in a hurry.  I was late.  But, I looked at my six-year-old and instantly realized this was one of those moments.  How long do I have for my baby to be lost in a make-believe world?

I let her go back in.  We were still late.  We were still in a hurry.  There are a lot of moments I miss.  I just want to remember that I haven't missed them all.

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