Wednesday, August 14

Road Trip Stop #3, Beantown

I loved Boston!!!!!  I had never been, and I fell in love.  Clean?  mostly.  Beautiful?  mostly.  I think we hit it at a perfect time.  The weather was just right, the flower boxes were spilling over, and back home was on day #13 of rain.  We felt like we had escaped to utopia.

We walked the Freedom Trail in its entirety.  We started at the USS Constitution in the Boston Harbor, which was important to me.

 We explored Bunker Hill.

 We stopped along the trail and enjoyed the beauty of it all.

 We saw the Old North Church in the distance.
 And then we saw it up close...and toured the inside!
 Maggie is, and has always been, a HUGE Paul Revere fan.  She was mesmerized by Boston, for sure.

 We saw Paul Revere's house.

 I relented and let them put their feet in the fountains...
 We stopped and discussed the Boston Massacre.

 We visited the Old Granary Cemetery and found some great people's final resting spots!
 John Hancock:

 We stopped on the way back and enjoyed some food at Hard Rock.  After all the walking these kiddos did, I was shocked that they still had the energy to dance...but they did!!

 And of course, we checked out Cheers.  Of course.  :)

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