Wednesday, August 14

Road Trip, Stop #2 NYC

 We had a blast in New York City this summer!  I had been before, but no one else had been!  We took the Staten Island Ferry for a view of the Statue of Liberty (the statue itself was closed, so this was the best way to view it closely!).

 I had actually never seen it before, either, so this by far was my favorite !
 Ellie LOVED the ferry ride!
 This was not on our list of to dos, but we passed it along the way.  Federal Hall is where George Washington took the very first Oath of Office and became the first president of the United States.  You know your children are history buffs when they get excited over these finds!
 We went up in the Empire State Building.  This was Maggie's favorite!

 We walked along Broadway (and a little of the garment district...I spared my family this time).  Wicked is our current favorite, but to be honest, we really love musicals in this house, so seeing Broadway was fun.

 We found Central Park and enjoyed it!  Bentley's friend, Cole, had asked him to take a picture of the Balto statue, so we did.
We walked...a lot.  We fed the kiddos from the street vendors (because you haven't been to the Big Apple without eating that way!), and we took a taxi ride or two.  The children were amazed at the BIGNESS of everything, the crowds of people, and the noise.  I was amazed at how awesome our three kiddos are, how much they walked, and how little they complained.  My favorite part of the day was needing a snack and buying a banana for 50 cents from the fruit guy.  Reminded me of Bangkok and made me miss that season of my life!

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