Thursday, July 18

When you are twelve

When you are twelve, you are beautiful...really, really beautiful.  It catches me off-guard mostly; every once in a while, I glance over and see it.  It is those times I wonder exactly how your daddy and I ended up with you.  You are such a gift.

The best part is that you are even more beautiful on the inside.  You are compassionate and gentle and kind-hearted and loving and thoughtful and grace-giving.  I could go on and on.  You watch out for your siblings and love them fiercely.  You set the standard and make it easy to be part of team Huff.  

You have the very best friends, and you are kind to everyone.  You are generally careful with your words and caring with your actions.  You seem to understand the underdog, and you are quick to come to his/her defense without a worry about what others think of you. I love this about you.

Your self esteem is amazing.  There are only a few things that visibly shake you, for the most part, you are able to reason and let things roll off your back.

When you are twelve, boyfriends seem ridiculous.  At school, you have been asked and asked over and over.  You always say no.  It really doesn't make sense to you, and for that, your daddy and I are very grateful.  There are boys you like to be around, but friendship seems to be a more reasonable approach.  I can guarantee you will not regret this later.

You love to dance, to sing, to create.  You love to laugh and to make others laugh.  You still enjoy running and swimming.  You read big books and ask big questions.  You still like for daddy to tuck you in at night, and you love your sleep.

When you are twelve, you are amazing.  I cannot wait to see what the year holds.

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