Wednesday, May 29

When you are six...

Dearest Ellie Boo Ryan,

When you are six, you are still my sunshine!  You are my mornings, my evenings, and my in-betweens. You are my biggest fan and my harshest critic.  You tell it like it is without a filter at all with me, but when you are out with others, you weigh your words carefully.  I can always tell who you are comfortable with by the way you relate to them.  I love to watch you choose who is safe, and I love to watch those relationships develop. You are selective, but you always choose well.

When you are six, you think you are older.  You still manage to daily make the leap from six to nine or six to eleven.  You cannot possibly understand that you are indeed younger than everyone else.  But you are, and I love that you are younger.  I love that you are still my baby.

When you are six, you still love purple and pink and all things girly and frilly.  You love to dance, and you are very creative.  Markers and crayons and all things crafty make you happy.  You often draw and color for the people you love.  You love deeply and feel deeply.  I completely understand.

When you are six, you are the one child who is most like me. You are stubborn and willful and hard-headed.    When you are six, these things often land you some time on the timeout stair.   When you are older, I guarantee that these things will still be struggles, but they will make you strong as steel.  They will serve you well once you learn better how to manage them. I pray daily that God will grab your soul quickly and begin to make you more like him, so the struggle will not be so hard!

When you are six, you are still you.  Your personality has been the same consistent personality since you were born.  You are predictable, for good or for bad, and I know exactly what type of day it will be from the beginning.  When you are six, I adore you.  I love to be with you.  You are my little sidekick.  I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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