Wednesday, May 22

When she was just a wee little one, we took her to a dance concert at Pebblebrook High School.  All of her youngest years were spent in that audience, watching Daddy's students perform their hearts out.  Maggie's very first dance class ever was at age three, and she walked out and promptly informed me that I "signed her up for the wrong kind of dance."  She thought that she should be Pebblebrook quality at age three.  The years have passed ALL TOO QUICKLY, and the dance classes have come and gone, and now that little three-year-old has transformed into one of the most beautiful dancers that I have ever seen (in my most biased opinion).

Yesterday, she tried on about twenty pairs of pointe shoes and finally settled on the perfect pair.  And the day she has been dreaming about for the last nine years has finally arrived.  I am so very happy for her.

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