Thursday, March 7

Saying Goodbye

Last Saturday, Mamaw Sedlacek passed away. She had been very sick over the last few months, and the kiddos were very fortunate to have a little time to spend with her.

They live five minutes from us. Over the last few years, up until her illness, my children saw her every Friday. She came and sat in the living room and hung out with us. She had tea parties and fashion shows and story readings. She smiled and laughed and really, really knew my kiddos. I am so grateful for homeschooling and the opportunity it provided for such a great relationship with her.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to her, and the kiddos were complete rock stars. Bentley cried a good bit, but being my tender hearted one, I am not surprised. We talked about leaving strong legacies--knowing what is important (time and people) and what is not important at all (money and things). She gave us the gift of her time every week. She never missed a dance function or a birthday and never failed to ask about school or dance or swimming or life in general. She always made me feel like the best mom in the entire world. She was that supportive and that proud of us as a family. She will be missed terribly by us all, but she gave us the very best she could. She gave us herself.

My big kiddos were slightly disappointed at her funeral--the pastor told stories of her life, but did not include very many thoughts about her most recent years, mostly funny antidotes and things from before their time. Maggie pointed out, that perhaps, her most recent years were her very best years because she had time to invest in people and love people well. I did not know her at all until fifteen years ago, but I would certainly have to agree with my daughter. She did a fabulous job at life these last fifteen years, and her legacy is a strong one. We finished off our time yesterday by telling our own stories. Each kiddo has a plethora, and isn't that what living is all about?

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Cindy said...

My prayers are with your family.