Tuesday, March 12

never grow up, never grow up...

Despite my best efforts, she is growing up.  On Sunday, after dancing for several hours, she changed in the car on her way to her new run club.  My friend, Jenn, started a girls running club this week.  The girls will meet at the park and run together once a week, and after six or eight weeks or so, they will run a 5k together.  Maggie has been super excited about it, and since her foot has grown THREE sizes since the fall, she even got some new kicks.  These are the girls:

 What a great group!

And, the growing up part.  These four girls have been friends since they were three/four years old.  They spent the night together on Saturday and went to church together on Sunday.  Maggie had the very best time with them, and it makes my heart so happy that Maggie is only eleven years old, yet has life-long friends.  And aren't they so grown up??  It makes me want to go back and find a picture of them when they were small!

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