Sunday, December 2

Proud Parent Moment #24,789

Saturday morning, Maggie had the opportunity to dance at our local elementary school for Breakfast with Santa.  Right before they went on stage, a little boy (while playing his violin) threw up...on the stage...where the girls danced.  Ewww.  There was a lot of hand sanitizer usage back there in between numbers.  Maggie did fabulously, and my friend grabbed this picture of her...I was busy spraying the girls' shoes with anti-slip spray.  

I left her at dance for the day, and took Bentley to his swim meet.  He did incredibly awesome!  He beat his personal record in all the events that he had a personal record.  He just turned nine, which means he moved up a level in age group time standards, and he now swims longer races.  I was a little anxious for him, but he pulled it off like an old pro.  I am so, so thankful for swimming in his life!

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