Saturday, December 15

He Makes Beautiful Things.

It does not make sense.  It is wrong; it is very, very wrong.  It is hard, and there are tears for families and children that live hundreds of miles away that we have absolutely no connection to really.  We watch the news with our oldest, and there are so many questions; questions in which I have no answers to give.  But this is what I do know, and this is what I beg my eleven-year-old to wrap her head around and focus on:

There is nothing that happened today that was outside the control of God.  Yes, it was awful.  Yes, it can be scary.  But we cannot let those feelings push us to live in fear.  This type of fear shrinks the heart and renders us useless.

God makes beautiful things, absolutely beautiful things, out of some of the ugliest and darkest moments.  He does it for each us in our own lives, and He will do it with this.  Among the stories we will undoubtedly hear over the next few days, there will be stories that break our hearts.  But there will also be stories of love, of mercy, of great thanksgiving and kindness.  We can grieve with those who grieve, but we can also look for the hand of God.  I do not know much, but I do know that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

I am off to glance one more time at my kiddos, and thank God for the gift of time with them.  We are so greatly blessed with time that we are not promised, and that is enough to ease my heart tonight.

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