Thursday, November 29

When you are nine...

When you are nine, I often forget that you are just nine.  You are the same size as your eleven-year-old sister (almost), and I often have to remind myself that you are not quite that old yet.  You and I can share shoes, and that bothers me a little bit...because you see, these first nine years have gone by entirely too fast. I hope the next nine years slow down a little bit.
 When you are nine, you are still loud.  I can always tell where you are in the house by just listening for the noise.  You sing a lot, dance a lot, run a lot, and swim a lot.  Oh, and you eat a lot.  You are no longer a picky eater at all; you will eat almost anything without thinking too much about it.  You do not like tomatoes, though, but Daddy has taught you well to be appreciative of what is put in front of you.  You have grown so, so much in this area.

When you are nine, you love to read.  You have been reading a lot of biographies this year, and you are almost done with the Lemony Snickett series.  You are also currently reading anything and everything that Beverly Cleary wrote.  You can start and finish a chapter book in the same day, which of course, makes my heart very happy.

Your favorite thing to play with inside is by far Legos.  You build and rebuild and build and rebuild.  You love to play chess with your Daddy because he is the only one left who will still play you.  The rest of us are definitely out skilled by you.  You enjoy board games, card games, wii games, riding your bike, shooting hoops in the yard, and just about anything that involves being outdoors.

When you are nine, you ask a few friends to go bowling for your birthday.  Your little sister, and you let her without complaint.  You had the very best time with your very best buddies.

When you are nine, I am still in awe of you.  You are so kind, so tenderhearted.  You are such a great kiddo, and you make me more proud than you could ever imagine.  Happy Birthday, buddy!  I can't wait to see what the next nine years hold.

Oh, and when you are nine, you pick the very best friends! I hope you keep these guys around for a very, very long time.

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