Thursday, November 15

Million Dollar Mouth

Well, not really that much.  But this week, God decided that John and I should spend some more money on Maggie's teeth...a lot more money.  Her mouth (along with the rest of her) is tiny.  Her teeth are normal-size. There just isn't enough room.  We have an AWESOME orthodontist that we have been working with almost a year.  He decided a month ago that we needed to pull four permanent teeth (all premolars) to give Mags the space she needs.  We called and made the appointment with our dentist and waited four weeks to get an appointment.

Then Tuesday arrived.  Maggie told us that it did not exist, but the calendar called her bluff and off we went to have those dreaded teeth pulled.  Except it didn't happen.  There was talk of long roots, sinus cavities, and pain management, and it turns out that my strong-as-steel girl just couldn't do it.  I am not sure what happened in that chair, what was overhead, what pain she experienced, but whatever it was, it was too much.  When I got back to her, I could not calm her down.  She wasn't pitching a fit, she was barely making noise, but it took all I could offer to get her to the car.  I am not sure I have ever seen her so upset.  It was decided we needed an oral surgeon "as soon as possible."

The neat thing about God is he doesn't ever leave you high and dry.  Through a miraculous five degrees of separation (Maggie--> dance teacher--> best friend--> orthodontist for husband --> best friend is an oral surgeon), we landed an appointment this morning to have the teeth removed.  One is now damaged from the previous experience, and quickness was a necessity.  So she fasted after midnight, and we drove across town to our appointment.  Except it didn't happen.

It turns out that when the Dr. looked in her mouth this morning, it was determined that there was more damage and work that needed to be done.  A phone conference with our orthodontist ensued, and a new game plan was drawn.  A new appointment was made.  We will get up tomorrow and drive across town in the other direction to have SIX teeth removed.  Mags is in bed sound asleep and looking forward to sleeping in a bit longer tomorrow.  We are desperately hoping it really happens.

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