Friday, October 5

Sometimes the truth is brutal.

Well said, Larry Crabb, well said.

“We must admit that simply knowing the contents of the Bible is not a sure route to spiritual growth. There is an awful assumption in evangelical churches that if we can just get the Word of God into people's heads, then the Spirit of God will apply it to their hearts. That assumption is awful, not because the Spirit never does what the assumption supposes, but because it excused pastors and leaders from the responsibility to tangle with people's lives. Many remain safely hidden behind pulpits, hopelessly out of touch with the struggles of their congregations, proclaiming the Scriptures with a pompous accuracy that touches no one. Pulpits should provide bridges, not barriers, to life-changing relationships.”

I have had the honor of visiting the darkest depths of my soul and finding my way back with the help of a few.  I am revisiting that now as I walk with others on a path pretty close to mine.  When I read this tonight, I thought a lot about life-on-life and discipling.  Let's be about the business of "tangling with people's lives."  It really is what changes things.

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