Monday, October 29

Always swimming

We are in the thick of dance and cross country and swim.  I think fall will always be our busiest season.  I barely have time to think on most days---after running carpools and schooling children and just enjoying the kiddos.  And what has made me so much busier this year?  This:

 Bent's swimming.  It is taxing to drive him to practice several days a week (it is not close), but he loves it so.  It has given him a confidence that I have never seen in him before.  And it is totally worth it.
Especially when he swims in his last meet as an 8-and Under swimmer and takes first place in all his events other than his 100 yard Individual Medley.  He placed third in his IM behind two eleven-year-olds and knocked nine seconds off of his time.  I can't believe my boy will be nine soon!!

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