Sunday, August 26

She tri'd.

When you are eleven, your Nana paid for you to participate in a kids' triathlon for your birthday.  You practiced.  You swam a bit, you biked a bit, and you ran a lot.  But not once did you do all three back -to-back.

Today, you did it.  You set up your own transition; you racked your own bike (or unracked it, rather).  You asked enough questions to figure out what needed to be done, and you did it.  You swam 200 yds (easy-peasy), biked 6 miles, and then finished up by running a mile.  You came in 16th place in your age division, which is never shabby.

You made memories...good ones.  You are now a triathlete!!!

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Leanne said...

Your 11-year-old daughter makes me feel like a lazy loser. ;) Go, Maggie, go!