Wednesday, July 11

Stellar Mommy Moment

I took not one single picture.  He listened to the whistles, he climbed on the block, he dove in and swam fast that he came in fourth place out of all the boys age 7-8 in our county.  He took almost SEVEN seconds off of his previous seeded time.  The fastest boy in the county disqualified for some reason or another.  I actually felt really sorry for him, until afterward, when I saw and heard him yelling at his dad and throwing things.  The top three finishers in each event form a team and represent our county at a state swim meet.  One of the boys finishing ahead of Bentley scratched out, moving Bent up into a state position.  So in three weeks, we will drive a few hours and watch one very, very happy little boy swim his IM one final time for the season as a part of our county team.  Mag's best friend Ava made the team as well, so it will be a fun time.  I'll try and take pictures!

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