Sunday, July 15

Almost Eleven.

(I will write a birthday letter later this week on her actual birthday)

Maggie has a very small list of birthday wants.  Actually, more than anything, she wanted to go rock climbing with her friends.  I am not big on spending huge amounts of money on birthday parties.  Our parties are normally in the yard with friends, food, cake, and fun.  This year, I did something different.  We went rock climbing.  Maggie was SO happy.

She planned her entire party.  Rock climbing, homemade cookie cake, movie, friends sleep over, pancake breakfast, and crafts.  It was fabulous.

They climbed. 

 She opened gifts...running clothes!
 The best homemade card EVER from her closest friend:

 A heart necklace from Ava's little sister.
 More running clothes!
 A shirt she obviously loves.
 And some cash that I didn't take a picture of...

Afterwards, they settled in for the night and watched the new Muppet movie.  They were awesome!
The whole thing went so well.  Seriously.  My Maggie has the very best friendships.  They encouraged each other while rock climbing.  All five girls included each other and made each other feel like rock stars.  There were absolutely no petty arguments, no hurt feelings, and no drama.  They were all asleep by midnight.

Oh, and they laughed and had a complete blast.  One is a church friend.  Two are dance friends.  Three are swim team friends.  And all four are her best friends.  She picks great friends!

I love her so much and cannot believe she will be eleven this week!!

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