Saturday, June 23

When you are five...

When you are five, you are a dreamer.  Your world looks so different to you than it does to us.  The floor is a stage.  The stairs are neighborhoods, with each step a house full of polly pockets, or barbies, or stuffed animals.  You cannot listen to music without moving.  You love to craft and create.  You sing loudly.  You live entirely or not at all.  You remind me of myself.

You do not swim.  It is scary.  But you will feed the dogs in the dark backyard when the big kiddos will not. You eat amazingly well.  You do not tie your own shoes, but you brush your own teeth and pick your own clothes.  You are VERY opinionated.

When you are five, we buckled you in a booster seat and carried you across the country and back.  I learned a lot about you in those eight days.  For eight days, I held you mostly within an arms reach of me...even in the car.  I learned that you love adventure as much as your siblings, maybe more so at times.  You really are afraid of very little.  I also learned that you bounce.  You never just walk somewhere; there is always a kick in your step along the way.  You danced under the arch in St. Louis, you skipped along the Colorado River in the Rocky Mountains, and you literally ran along the rim at the Grand Canyon.  You, my sweet girl, are full of life and hard to keep up with.  When you are five, you are still very free.  I love that about you.  When you are five, you are my caboose.  I love you entirely, little caboose!

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