Sunday, May 27

When you are thirty-six...

When you are 36, you wake up to breakfast in bed.  Your almost too-big baby girl climbs in bed with you and falls back asleep, cuddled right beside you.  You say a quick prayer thanking God for moments like these, and you fall back asleep, too.

When you are 36, you get to celebrate with your girls' class at church, and it certainly makes it special.  You laugh and talk and share and enjoy your time together, and suddenly you know that a whole year's worth of Sunday morning sacrifice was worth it.

Your children pick a cake with cherries on top, and you prove you are still cool and still young by tying a knot with the cherry stem in your mouth as if you were dared to do so.  You earn serious cool points with your kiddos.  The daily balancing, managing the daily ebb and flow, is nothing compared to a silly trick you learned in middle school.

You paint and sew and listen to music.  You finish building your ottoman and make some pillows, but mostly you make lists in your head; things to remember to do on Monday.  Oh, and you make a mess.  Fabric and scraps of this and that everywhere.

When you are 36, your husband convinces you to leave the kiddos with their Grannis and go out on a dinner date.  You eat at your favorite wing restaurant, and you have conversation with the man you love without sharing your time and space with others.  You make lists again; you dream out loud and together, and it is wonderful.

When you are 36, you are settling in to finally figuring out who you are.  You laugh entirely too loudly, you cry entirely too often, and you are okay with it.  You are finding more and more freedom along the way, and you are enjoying the spaces outside the boxes.  Your heart often breaks for those who are still trapped inside.

When you are 36, you are loved.  You have three incredible kiddos who really are amazing.  Your husband loves you and takes care of you and goes above and beyond to make sure you know just how much he cares.  You have the very best friends a girl could ask for.  You do your very best to remember these things--to engrave them on your heart.

When you are 36, you look forward to the next year.  You can't wait to see what it holds.  It is sure to be beautiful!

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