Tuesday, May 1

When he was three, he HATED the water.

When he was five, he took private swim lessons so he would put his face in the water.

When he was seven, he swam like a fish.

When he was eight, he stood at the end of the lane.  He adjusted his goggles, listened to the whistles, dove in, and swam as fast as he could to the other end.  When he was eight, 50 meters was A LONG way, and he did it...twice.

When he was eight, God reminded me that he makes all things good in his perfect timing.  If you would have told me that my little blue-eyed boy would one day conquer the pool AND love it, I would have never believed you.  But he did, and it was AMAZING.

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Ashley Family said...

so encouraging! my 6 yr old nathan is taking swimming lessons right now and hates going under the water....your Bentley gives me hope.