Friday, May 4

Losing Teeth

Until yesterday, my almost eleven-year-old and my eight-year-old had lost the same amount of teeth.  I am not sure how that happens, but for whatever reason, Maggie was not losing baby teeth.  Her adult teeth are all lined up just waiting to push through the gums, but no teeth are falling out.  Our dentist took care of that yesterday.  She had all FOUR of her baby canines pulled so that maybe, just maybe, her adult canines will come in so we can get some braces on her!

She was a rock star.  I believe the dentist told her she was the best patient ever--other than the boy who just falls asleep.  She even went to dance afterward--not to actually dance, that's against the rules of teeth-pulling--but to make sure she knew what was going on and didn't miss anything so close to recital.  Apparently our cheap tooth fairy was on vacation last night, and she received a little more than the normal $1 per tooth.  Now she wants to hit up the store and buy her sister a birthday gift.  Really?  She is a rock star!!

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