Wednesday, May 23

It exists.

Every Monday we gather around my living room.  My children hibernate and my husband grades papers down the street at Starbucks.  We pray.  We talk about our relationship with God.  We ask each other hard questions and remind each other of God's sovereignty, of God's goodness, and God's grace.  We always laugh.  Sometimes we laugh so hard we cry, and sometimes we just cry.  Together.  We live and experience life together.

So many times in recent years, I have been told that what we have created is impossible.  That the discipleship and accountability of my college years is too difficult to reproduce within the church.  That it's too hard, and we're too busy.  

I happen to think the failure exists in the inability to give it a chance and the need to micro-manage it.  The need for it to "look" a certain way and include a certain amount of people.  Sometimes it just takes a few women, a commitment to Monday nights, and commitment to each other.  It often looks messy.  It often crosses over into hard.  But it is always worth it.

A few days ago, we celebrated my impending birthday with some necklace-making.  Some pretty beads.  An owl, my favorite.  A stamped "A."   A necklace that jingles when I wear it.  A necklace that reminds me with every jingle that I am loved and that I am not alone in this crazy world.  I might not ever take it off.

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