Tuesday, May 29

Instead of...

...a post about Ellie turning five (which she did today) or being married thirteen years (which was also today!), I give you this photo:
 We spent the entire evening at a swim meet!!  Maggie and Bent both swam five events.  Bent took first place in 50 Freestyle, first place in his medley relay, second place in 25 fly, and first place in the freestyle relay.  The highlight of the evening, though, was when Bentley swam his FIRST EVER 100 IM.  It is the toughest event in his age group because one swimmer must swim 25 yds of each of the four strokes.  He finished in first!!!!!  I am not sure he has ever been more proud of himself!!  The boy LOVES to swim!

Maggie did equally as well--knocking about twenty seconds off of her IM time and placing first in the freestyle relay.  She swam second heat for her other events--placing first in the medley relay, first in 50 freestyle, and third in 25 Fly.

We just love our summer swim team.  We swim with mostly great people, have great coaches who emphasize technique and fun (winning is a bonus!), and get a lot of heart-healthy exercise.  It makes the month of June intense, but it is every bit worth it!

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