Sunday, March 4

Proud Mommy Moment #16,750

I've seen Maggie's tap dance a thousand times, and today, I knew something wasn't quite right.  We sat in the audience waiting, but the girls weren't on stage.  The music began, but the tapping did not.  It was probably only a few seconds, but to me, it was an eternity.  It was a heart-sinking, oh no! eternity.

The girls should have all lined up together on stage before the music started, but instead, a few bars into the music (with no one else on stage), Maggie led her row onto the stage.  The three girls found their place in the music, put on their best smiles, and the tapping began.  The other rows of girls followed suit, and all was right in the world.  They finished their dance flawlessly.  I was so happy that they recovered so well and finished strong.  I was a very proud mommy.

After the show, I went to the dressing room and heard the whole story.  The girls line up on both sides of the stage and always look for each other across the way to enter.  It was so dark that they couldn't see each other-- so the music started before they could get in position.  They didn't know what to do.  They knew that the show must go on--there is no "mulligan" in a dance concert.  There is no restart.

Maggie surveyed the situation in her head and made a super-quick decision to head out on stage and just start dancing.  Within a few seconds the whole company was on stage and dancing.  I asked Maggie if anyone told her to go out there first, and she said no.  She "just knew that if we were going to dance in the show, we had to get out there."  She didn't want to miss her chance.  In just a few seconds, she knew what they should do and she did it.   The other girls, even some of the older girls, were so grateful for her quick thinking and her ability to start the recovery process.  Several girls told her thank you and that they would have missed the opportunity to dance if she had not led them on stage.  Some girls were upset that they had messed up.  Maggie tried to cheer them up with "hey, at least we recovered!"

Seriously, who is this child?  On the way home, I told her that she could have danced the most perfect and beautiful dance EVER--been the swan princess or the sugar plum fairy-- and I would not have been as proud of her as I was this afternoon.  There is a beauty that only found in the ability to rise above the ashes, and that is the beauty I saw in her today.  I have no idea what God has in store for her life, but I know she will do whatever it is with all of her heart and enjoy it in the process.  

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