Friday, March 30

Never Underestimate Your Children

It has been a week of tough conversations for me, some with my children.  It is always hard to sit down and REALLY apologize to your children, because unlike adults, they 1) really seem to care, and 2) they ask so many questions that have a right to be answered.  Children aren't waiting for some magical apology that with remedy a situation with the promise to keep the peace next time (Adults won't admit it, but that's really what they want.  They want to know that you are sorry, you feel their pain, and you won't ever do it again.  Which is totally impossible, seeing as how we are all still sinners, but I digress...).

So I sat my children down on Tuesday for an apology, and it turned into a Q & A session of sorts, which was fine with me.  I answered some tough questions about some tough things.  It was good and helpful and grace-filled.  The amazing thing?  It has taken me almost twenty years to figure out why I feel the way I do.  My eight-year-old son figured it out AND VERBALIZED it in about twenty seconds without even realizing what he was doing.  Never, ever, ever underestimate your children.

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