Tuesday, February 7

Which of these kids is doing her own thing?

A few months ago, we bought a groupon for a painting class.  It was EXTREMELY hard to use.  It was only good for certain classes, and the pretty pictures we could use it for continued to fill up before we ever had a chance to register.  So all the cute owl painting classes?  Taken.  The wine bottles? Taken.  The cool trees? Taken.  We finally used the groupon on the very last night that we could.  It was a beach scene.  Not awful, but certainly not what we imagined when we made the original purchase.

So Jennifer and I painted the beach scene with some added "sparkle" she pulled out of her purse about fifteen minutes into class.  Fun stuff.  Tracy, on the other hand, was determined to paint an owl for her daughter's dorm room.  It was completely awesome.  I am reminded once again why she is such a good influence for me.  Her confidence is unbelievable.  We all painted as we were told (sort of.  We are all rule breakers in our little ways), and she just did her own thing...at her own pace with her own colors.  Her twelve dollars was not wasted one single bit!  I love that about her!

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