Saturday, February 4

Life Lesson #8,264

The text came while I was in Target with my girls, trying on shoes.  If you haven't had the joy of trying on shoes with girls who love shoes, you should borrow my daughters for awhile.  It is fun, and one of my favorite things to do. They both LOVE shoes. I glance at the text, and it is from my Dad.  I wait until we check out to read it.  CALL NOW.  I call immediately.

My cousin's husband has a brain aneurysm.  Kevin is at Duke, near where they live, and is sedated but alive.  They will operate, if they can, in the morning.  I fight tears as I talk my dad through what he should do.  I fight tears as I think of my cousin's family--her beautiful girls, my aunt and uncle, all this family that I haven't seen in entirely too long.  I fight tears as I explain it to my own girls.  We talk openly, honestly; they have a lot of questions.  I answer what I can, the best I can.  My girls also have tears.

We walk through the grocery store, and Ellie says, "Mommy.  I sure am glad it wasn't my Daddy."  It breaks my heart, but instantly, I am thankful.  I stop the cart and get eye-level with her.  I say, "I sure am glad, too, because I don't know what I would do without Daddy.  But I do know one thing.  Even if it were your Daddy, we would be okay.  And your cousins are going to be okay.  God is still good and He is still in control.  No matter what."

And that's the truth.  You can orchestrate fine lessons on what the Bible says about the sovereignty of God, but it's in the moments where that faith is put on the line where the best lessons are taught.  I'm so glad I didn't miss that moment tonight.

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