Tuesday, February 7

Because He Loves Us.

Yesterday, John brought home flowers for me.  He never does that...not because he doesn't want to, but because he's cheap.  I am okay with that...I am cheap, too.  I'd rather have something I can plant in my yard than something on my counter that will fade in a few days.  But yesterday's flowers were different.  I needed them.  They were a reminder that no matter what, every thing's going to be okay.  God's got this.  And He does.

John currently cannot hear well out of his right ear.  It's been that way for a few weeks.  We were hoping it was the result of some fluid in his ear or an infection or something that would take a few days on medicine to clear up.  It isn't.  He saw the doctor yesterday and will see a specialist next week.  We have no idea why he cannot hear out of that ear, and to be honest, it scares me silly.  His ear looks perfectly healthy.  One thing is for sure--I am not going to google it again.  I am going to wait until next week before I even consider the worst-case-scenarios.

As I was talking to Maggie about it this morning, I gently reminded her that God is a big user of minor details.  Isn't that nearly always the case?  Sure, when we get to the end of a particular season or struggle, the lesson is looming large right in front of us.  But the learning, the changing of our hearts, happens all along the way--it's in the minor details.  For me, it's in the phone call that came in while I was watching my baby girl's dance class practice their recital song--"Daddy's Little Girl."  It's the texts and the phone calls to see if we are okay. It's the flowers and the whispered details passed between John and I as we tried to divulge information with listening ears all around us.  It is the women who gathered around me and insisted on talking about love when I absolutely had no desire to even check those areas of my heart last night.  It's the sweet prayers of a dear friend to finish out the night.

John's hearing loss?  It is because He loves us.  That's a hard pill to swallow and may be even harder to swallow if it turns out to be more serious.  But it remains the same.  It is because He loves us.  I am not sure what the big picture lesson will be in all this, but I am positive that God is showing this little heart of mine what His love looks like all along the way in the littlest of details.

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Praying for peace.