Monday, January 23

Dinner and Dancing

 We ate dinner with Cinderella on Thursday night.  The food was fabulous, and we had a splendid time!  Cinderella's stepsister, Drizella, was smitten with Bentley, and we had a good time laughing over their antics.

 Oh, and this moment?  This made it all worth it!
 After dinner, we went out to the lobby and listened to a band play live music.  There was much dancing by all parties.  It was so much fun!

Maggie and Caleb showed off their mad swing dancing skills.  Mags has had plenty of practice with her Daddy!
 We stayed way later than we originally thought, but it was worth it!  On our way out, we stopped for pictures by the carriage.

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Jennifer said...

Amazing!! What a great deal! That might be the only way we get to go someday too!