Monday, December 19

Maybe Christmas means more.

Maybe it means gathering for an afternoon of girl time.  Maybe it means snacks and silliness.  Maybe it means laughter, lots of laughter.

It most certainly means giving to something much bigger than yourself.    For a few months, I have prayed daily for these girls.  For their hearts.  For their lives to reflect His.  For our few minutes on Sunday mornings to be worth be valuable.  For life on life to make a noticeable difference.  It does.

We met this afternoon and sewed pillowcases for the local children's hospital.  We prayed for the children last week, and today, we did something to help them, to reach out, to use our resources for something other than ourselves.

I am so grateful to get the opportunity to invest in these lives.  I am confident God is going to do BIG things through them.

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Becky Falkins said...

Love, love, love this Amy!