Saturday, December 10

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Three evidences from this week:

1.  We gathered with John's extended family today to celebrate the season.  I absolutely LOVE these family members, so it was worth the drive to the complete other side of the city to eat lunch with them.  It was sad without Mamaw, but so neat that we could all still hang out and enjoy one another.

2.  John's dad is having surgery on Tuesday and is looking at a long recovery period, so we are celebrating Christmas with the grandparents tomorrow afternoon.  This is what I am bringing:

John ate a ton load of the caramel icing tonight.  I am not sure his narcoleptic self will be able to go to bed.  It will be a first.  This was Mamaw's secret recipe that she shared with me.  Have I told you how much I loved her?  I believe I have. :)

And this one is for you, Leanne.

3. We played Christmas light poker for the first time this season.  We put the kiddos in jammies, filled their cups with hot chocolate, reminded them of the rules and point values, and set out to look at lights.  Mags and Bent played it smart and sat on the same side of the van so they could be on the same team.  Seeing as how they had FIVE nativities with a baby Jesus on their side of the road, they beat Ellie and me pretty badly.  I think the final score was 390 to 638 or something.  I am going to need to find a house lit with all blue lights for them for the next time we play.  I never even had a chance.  But, their math skills were sharpened and we enjoyed each other, so it was worth it.

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Leanne said...

Ha! How funny - I actually meant to tell you Thursday night that there are no fewer than TWO blue-lit houses in my neighborhood, both on the same side of the car if you drive the right way. :) Perhaps next year...