Monday, December 26

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve we visited with some of our very best friends and traded gifts:

 Ellie and Emma checking out the San Fransisco ornament

We came home and had our traditional Santa pancakes for dinner:
 Claire came by to visit.  We loved having company!
 We decorated cookies!
 We celebrated Advent as a family.  My kiddos cannot wait to light the Christ candle.  It is a HUGE deal in our house, and always quite an event.  Mags and Bent read the verses from the Bible, and we prayed and sang together.  I will miss our nightly Advent time.
 We put on our jammies!

 Christmas morning, we woke up and saw what Santa had left.  Ellie: dolls and legos; Bent: a toolbox, Battleship, and legos; Maggie: sewing stuff, Just Dance 3, and legos.  See the common thread?  Legos.  My kiddos love legos.

We got dressed and headed to church with some of our dearest friends.  It made for a fabulous Christmas morning.
 Today, we went to Augusta and visited with our cousins!  I made a Padme picnic gown for my niece (think Star Wars if you are unfamiliar).  It was by far the best gift I gave this season.  She was soooooooo excited!
 Ellie and Tori
 Tucker and Mags
 Ellie and TJ
 Bent and Allie
 Tori and Mags
 Oh, and there was a lot of dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.

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