Wednesday, November 23

When you are eight, you are so tall!  and so big!  and you look like you are ten.  Often, people assume you and Maggie are closer in age than you are.  Your foot is bigger than hers, and you basically wear the same size clothing.  I have to double check jeans at laundry time, and I have been known to put them in the wrong baskets.  Oops.

When you are eight, you still love to play outside.  This is such a treasure for us.  There are days when you can disappear into the backyard for hours.  When I call you in, there are holes in your knees and dirt under your fingernails.  You are very creative and imaginative.  I love this about you.

You LOVE to read, and I *think* you tend to read like I did as a child.  If a book is particularly interesting to you, you will finish it rather quickly.  It is not odd to find you snuggled in the corner of the couch with your nose in a book.  You love to draw, and you are very, very good at math.  You are also great at spelling.  I enjoy watching you learn every day.

When you are eight, you eat and eat and eat.  You were once my pickiest eater, and I am amazed at how much you have grown in this area.  You eat anything I put in front of you.  The only things you really do not like are tomatoes, onions, olives, strawberries, and mushrooms.  I can live with that.  Your favorite meal is Daddy's corn chowder, and I will make it for you this week.  You eat it with hot sauce, just like your Daddy.

You best friends are Cole, Zachary, Thelonious, Davis, and Caleb.  Oh, and Ava.  She is definitely your best friend that is a girl.  You tend to play highly imaginative games that involve a lot of running, jumping, and loud voices.  You enjoy Legos and board games, and you LOVE Mad Libs.  Oh, and you are very into your hex bugs.  You still have one volume: loud.  When I want you to use an inside voice, I ask you to whisper.  Seriously.

When you are eight, you are still my tender heart.  You LOVE babies and are quick to take care of others.  Ellie was sick last week, and I was amazed that each and every time she threw up in the wee hours, she managed to hit her "throw up" bowl...that is until the next morning, when I realized you stayed up all night right next to her, putting the bowl in front of her every.time.she.even.coughed.  I hope Maggie and Ellie grow up knowing how much you love them, and I hope and pray you have a family one day to invest in as you invest in ours.  You love deeply and care strongly; these things are makings of a true servant leader.  I am confident you will make a positive contribution to this world.

When you are eight, your smile still reveals that adorable dimple.  You have freckles that we love to count in church.  Your laughter is contagious.  Your personality overflows, and I just can't imagine a single day without you. Happy birthday, Bentley.  I am so glad you are mine for this season!!

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