Monday, November 14

Thankful that it really does take a village sometimes.

It is no secret that my Mags LOVES to run.  This past Saturday, she ran a 5k.  John's team was hosting it, so despite his desire to run the race, he helped out instead.  Maggie was completely prepared to run solo. I could have run it with her, but I am much slower than she is, and she wanted to beat her record. I didn't want to hold her back.  We knew A LOT of other runners, but none who were prepared to run slower for her.  She was completely fine running it by herself.
But, she didn't have to do it alone.  Our friend stepped in and ran with her, coaching her EVERY step of the way.  I am not sure what did more for her--beating her previous record or the time Jennifer invested in her as she ran.  Maggie was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.  I adore these two and am so grateful for Jennifer's influence in Maggie's life as well.

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