Monday, November 7

Thankful for His mark.

He named his people Israel.  It means to wrestle with God.  His people, His nation, His covenant with Abraham.  He gave them a distinguishing label--Israel--people who wrestle with God.  And wrestle they did!  Time and time again, story after story, page after page.  God used it for His glory, and He kept His promises.  Not on their timing, but certainly within God's good and loving plan.

Why do we think we are any different?  Why is it that we are so scared to struggle within the confines of this world?  Why is it we must instantly go into "fix" mode?  Why can't we appreciate the fact that sometimes the struggle is where the glory lies?  Why must we pretend we have it all together?  Why is it that we look at a Christian who is struggling intensely and we instantly judge the situation, the sin, the response?  Why do we work so hard to cover up our wrestlings with God?

I am so thankful this season to be His and to be one who carries the mark of His people--one who struggles.  I am so very grateful to have people who aren't afraid to walk authentically with me and so very grateful for a core group of friends who see the value in hashing out the hardest, messiest areas of life.

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