Thursday, November 10

Photo Challenge Day 23

Day 23 - A picture of a favorite trip you've taken (or two)

This picture was taken in late July 2000.  John and I returned to Thailand with our church on a mission trip, and it was incredible.  We spent ten days or so in the northern cities and villages and then a few days in Bangkok.  We were still basically newlyweds--only married a year--and had no idea that we would be welcoming our Maggie Brett just one year later.  This was our last "big" trip pre-children, and while we have traveled a little with children and since children, it just isn't the same for me when I have to think for so many others!  Chang Rai will always be a favorite for me.

This picture is from two years ago.  There was so much going on in my life, in our lives, and John and I stowed away to Charleston for a weekend of rest.  This weekend meant so much to me--we left Atlanta in the middle of a snowstorm and drove INCREDIBLY slowly.  There was a lot of much-needed, good conversation in those hours.  John took great care of me that weekend, and I desperately needed it.  Also, first time ever, I saw a real snowman at the beach!

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