Tuesday, November 8

Photo Challenge Day 22

Day 22- A Picture of Someone You Respect

So this one has taken me quite some time...oops.  I respect A LOT of people that I know personally, but if I had to pick someone I didn't actually know, the numbers are very limited.  I picked from that small pool of people.  I have utmost respect for this man:  Steve Brown.  

I was first introduced to Steve Brown during our days at Perimeter Church.  I still drive over there to hear him when he is preaching.  His voice is distinctive, and he speaks truth from his heart.  One of my favorite books ever is Scandalous Freedom, and it is often that I quote his words.  I enjoy that he isn't really concerned about what people think, but not in the usual prideful way.  It is a humble, "I've been broken" way.

Oh, and if you aren't familiar with him, you can find him over at Key Life Network.  Good stuff.

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