Tuesday, October 25


So, I have finally started the valiant attempt to teach Ellie her letters and sounds, although I am rather positive she probably already knows more than she lets on to me.  I haven't really worried too much about her stubborn unwillingness to learn--for Bentley was the very same!  Bentley did very little school until he was kindergarten age, and he is unbelievably great at both reading and math (and everything else, too!).

Today, we started with the letter "f."  I am using the Get Ready for the Code series, and "f" is first.  ELLIE LOVED IT.  We wrote the lowercase and capital "f," we colored fish, and we sounded out "f" words.  She even wore an "f" sticker to dance so she could tell her teacher what she learned today.

My favorite part of the day was when Maggie thought she would review Ellie.  So funny!

Maggie:  "Ellie, name a word that starts with F."

Ellie:  "FISH!"

Mags:  "Name another word that starts with F."

Ellie:  "FISHING!"

Maggie:  "Can you think of another word?"


At that point, no one could stop laughing.  She may not know her letters, but her personality is definitely blooming.

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