Thursday, September 8

So much.

We are in deep in our homeschooling now.  We've been working for four weeks, and this is what we've learned so far:

  • The history of Anatomy
  • Cell function and parts
  • The Skeletal System
  • Negative numbers! and big girl math for Mags
  • Addition, Subtraction, word problems, and patterns for Bent
  • Subject Nouns/Verbs
  • Revising/Editing paragraphs
  • Vocabulary words with Wordly Wise AND Shurley
  • Phonics for Bent (and review for Mags!)
  • Spelling Power for all
  • Mags has read two novels
  • Bent has read four novels
  • Geography for both
  • Critical Thinking patterns so far for Mag
  • Both are memorizing passages from the Bible

  • Ellie can now write her last name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We start history on Monday!  I am so glad I held back and introduced it bit by bit this year.  We have found a groove in which we finish mostly by lunch, so adding history now won't be nearly so overwhelming!

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