Thursday, September 1

she's a wise one.

Today, the clouds were thick and the sun was minimal. The children really, really wanted to go swimming, but I reminded them that on days like this, with no sun to warm us up, the water is usually chilly and the swimmer is even more chilly. They decided it wasn't worth the effort. Later, at lunch, Maggie commented, "Mom, isn't it neat how God makes the water cool off when summer ends so that we won't really miss swimming so much?

And then, a few hours later when we were out picking up our fruits and veggies, Maggie and Bentley were in a heated discussion over what might happen if you hold your breath too long. I explained that a person would faint, and the body would kick in and start breathing on its own. Mags, overly excited, follows up with, "Wow! So God designed our bodies to just do that? That is incredible!"

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