Saturday, August 27

Photo Challenge Day 13

Day 13: A Picture of Someone You Wish You Could See More Often

This is Mamaw Huff. She doesn't really know me anymore, but there was a season of my life in which she was the closest family I had other than John. I just love her so. She taught me so many things in the early years of my marriage: how to cook, how to clean, a million and one home remedies, etc. All the things I never really learned how to do before. She also taught me one of the greatest life lessons of all. She taught me to love John and love him fiercely. To serve him and to build him up. I have never once heard Mamaw say one negative thing about her husband--a man I never had the privilege of knowing, but whose memory lived on for a long time.

I wish it didn't require so much to go visit her. She reminds me so much of the last few years with my own grandmother. Her memory is short and her mood is feisty. She makes up CRAZY stories, probably a mix of the past and present getting tangled up in her mind. I still appreciate her regardless. And I wish I could see her more. I wish Ellie could know her the way Maggie and Bentley do.

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