Friday, July 15

Photo Challenge Day 10

Day 10 – A picture of your day/night

I have been stuck on this one, simply because I have yet to take a picture of what morning looks like in our house. It is summer now, and mornings are *slightly* chaotic. They may or may not include:

  • Bowls of cereal
  • Maggie tucked away reading a book
  • A cartoon or two (usually Tom & Jerry)
  • Swimsuits and sunscreen
  • Coloring sheets and crayons
  • John out running
  • Dishwasher running
Our nights have included:

  • Camping out on the back deck
  • Sleepovers with dear friends
  • Night swimming
  • Late night walks
  • Catching fireflies
  • Camping out in the bonus room
Sorry, but there are no pictures...I need to work on that! :)

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