Monday, June 6

Some of my proudest moments.

...are when she dances. For one who stumbles up and down the stairs daily, with legs covered in bruises, something magical happens on the stage. She stands tall, leaps gracefully, and smiles as if her life depended on it. I love her so.

My other proudest moments, though, are in moments when she experiences disappointment. Just this morning, she saw the heat sheet for her swim meet tonight. She is only in the first heat one time out of five races, and her response was, "Oh, that stinks!" and then, "Oh well, at least it's fun!" She went to practice and swam her heart out. It's how she does everything--with her whole heart. I absolutely love her and her ability to shake off the things that bother her. She will maneuver life well; I am sure of it.

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