Monday, June 13

Day Three Photo Challenge

Day 03 – A picture (or two or three) and a letter

Dear Summer Swim Team,

I am so thankful we discovered you last year! I am so grateful for the confidence that you have given my son. For four weeks now, swim team is all he has talked about. He has learned to swim all four strokes in a competent manner and is even quite competitive. For someone who tends to be lazy and tends to be apprehensive, you have given him an outlet that he truly loves and enjoys.
It is so fun to watch him dive in off the blocks and swim the lane as if he is the only one out there. I love his smile as he pulls himself out of the water when he's done. I love that he is always happy with his race.

Thank you for showing me a side of Bentley that I have not seen before now. I imagine he will be swimming on the team for the rest of his childhood years!

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Love that!