Saturday, June 11

Day One Photo Challenge

Day One: A photo of yourself and ten facts

{Me and my fledglings at Zoo Atlanta}

1. If you click over to my cousin's page (where I got this from anyway), you will see that we have a lot in common. It's funny how God works that way. Our parents are twins. I've been married 12 years! I taught school and now teach my own kiddos! I worry more than I let on! I am addicted to Coke Zero! I am horrible at keeping in touch with people!

2. I am quiet. I sit back and observe and glean and learn. I process my words before they come out, and sometimes, if it takes me a while to process, people take it the wrong way. I have to apologize a lot.

3. I sew. I love to sit at my sewing machine or serger and create something.

4. I cut the grass. There is something about cutting the grass with the push mower and seeing the difference in what has been done and what is left. For me, it is instant gratification and accomplishment from hard work. I like that.

5. I hate to iron. John does the ironing in our house, unless I am sewing.

6. John and I had our first date in a Italian restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. For our twelfth anniversary, we had a date in a Thai restaurant in Marietta. We would still sell everything we owned and move to Bangkok if God said go.

7. I don't watch television. Our television is rarely turned on. There are no "have to" watch television shows for any of us. I feel like I am wasting time if I am sitting in front of the tv, and John has narcolepsy.

8. I do not like coffee. I can hang out in coffee houses and drink steamed milk or chai, but I definitely do not like to drink coffee.

9. I can count on one hand the number of movies I have seen in the theater during the last five years...most of them with the kiddos.

10. I am a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" type of person. There is very little I can't or won't attempt, but I am not excellent at anything in particular!

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